The Counts Vergnano di Villar are a family of Piemontese origin born in the year 1696. Landowners and industrial owners since the early 1900s. First specialized in the import of raw coffee, over the years they have developed the market especially on the Swiss territory, a country in which the companies are based and where the commercial aimed at the rest of the world starts. In the 2000s the Count Cesare Vergnano Piovene decided to follow the steps of the family in the viticultural experience, in the possessions owned.

The latter are mainly located in Lonedo Lugo di Vicenza in the historic family villa: the so-called “Villa Piovene Porto Godi”. Villa Piovene in Lonedo di Lugo di Vicenza is a Venetian villa of the sixteenth century. Attributed to Andrea Palladio is the central body, which is referable, according to some historians, to the years 1539-40. In the eighteenth century, Francesco Muttoni conceived the two side barchesse, the long staircase and the gate.

Many statues enrich the garden and are attributed to Orazio Marinali or, more likely, to the authors of this artist’s circle.

Muttoni also created the pincer staircase that leads to the main floor by cutting the plinth of the pronaos. Attached to the villa is the small church dedicated to St. Jerome and built in the fifteenth century. A large park, of national interest, develops along the Premontana slopes.

It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996.